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VAS Unique Design Feature : Both Driveline throughput (vehicle in motion) and PTO Aux. Applications cannot be engaged (operated) at the same time. Either the vehicle shall run on the road (Driveline) or in a stationary position the PTO Auxiliary Outputs can be engaged. This VAS Unique feature eliminates the possibility of an auxiliary application accident while vehicle is in motion. If Both Driveline and PTO Aux. applications are required (to be operated) simultaneously, Kindly refer to our 300 & 360 series gearboxes which have both driveline & PTO Aux. simultaneous options.

VAS Unique Design Feature : After engaging or disengaging shifters, constant pneumatic air pressure is not required in VAS Gearboxes as a separate ball spring assembly is installed in the shifter assembly to LOCK the shifter shafts after shifting. Pneumatic air pressure is only required to shift (engage or disengage) the shifter shafts, after shifting, pneumatic air pressure can be removed.

  • Truck Mounted Jetting Machines, Sewage Cleaning Machines etc.
  • Recommended For 130 HP Truck Chassis
  • Driveline Throughput Torque: 4,780 NM, 487 Kg-m
  • Double PTO Output Couplings Left Hand Side (LHS) and Right-Hand Side (RHS). Also available with Dual In-line PTO Couplings or Direct Hydraulic Mounting.
  • LHS &RHS PTO Aux. Output Torque: 776 NM, 80 Kg-m (Both Front & Rear)
  • LHS & RHS Gear Ratio 1:1.00 (Other Gear Ratios Available On Demand)
  • LHS & RHS PTO Aux. Outputs: Independent (Either Or Both) Operation
  • No. Of Shifters: Triple Pneumatic Shifting Lines with Mechanical Override.
  • Main Body: Graded CI
  • Full Forged 5 Bearing Single Bearing Housing Driveline (Standard Duty)
  • Big & Wide Bottom Cover for Easy Maintenance (FVG: Full View Gearbox)
  • ILS: In-Line Mechanical & Pneumatic Shifting
  • COG: Choice of Gears (Spur/Helical/Shaved/Grinded)
  • COB: Choice of Body (FE Cast Iron/Aluminium/MS Annealed/Hybrid)
  • OSS: Outside Shifter (Locking) Screw
  • Oil Level Indicator, Oil Filling Air Breather, Magnetic Oil Drain Plug, Double Lip Oil seals
  • Forced Oil Lubrication Available on Demand
  • External Oil Cooler & Internal Oil Filter Available on Demand


H1C+ (Pneumatic shifter) Image No.1
H1C+H (PTO Hydraulic Cover with Pneumatic shifter) Image No.2
H1C+DIL (Dual in Line PTO with Pneumatic shifter) Image No.3