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VAS Engineering Products Pvt Ltd

We are a design, development and manufacturing engineering unit for Split Shaft Power Take Off Gearboxes.

Since 1990, VAS has delivered over 100 designs and 11000+ gearbox units for various SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles).

VAS engineering pvt ltd (Innovation)

Engineering Solutions

Encounter a split shaft PTO gearbox challenge? Our engineers design and deliver advanced solutions. We partner with you to craft custom solutions for your problems in the blink of an eye.

Planetary Drives

A planetary gearbox design for various mechanical applications to transmit torque and rotational speed. Utilizing planetary gears allows for a more compact design compared to traditional gearbox configurations.

Independent Output Drive

Our typical TGB units have LHS (Left hand Side) and RHS (Right Hand Side) drives each with a possibility of Front and Rear drives. While LHS and RHS drives are independent, Front and Rear work simultaneously only.

Combination Gearbox

Originally designed for chassis mounted road sweepers, we have revolutionized your split shaft PTO operation with our groundbreaking Combination Gearboxes.

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