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VAS Engg. Products (P) Ltd :

We design, develop and manufacture our own Models. We often take suggestions and references from our clients as to how to make our products more end user friendly, here are some features that were introduced in the market by VAS for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA, some of which were not even available in international brands. Also are mentioned the vide variety of choices that we offer our clients so as to meet up with the competitive pricing of our final product!

1.  FVG : Full View Gearbox,
2.  ILC : In-Line Cooling Coil,
3.  ILS : In-Line Mechanical & Pneumatic Shifting,
4.  MAO : Multiple Auxiliary PTO Outputs,
5.  ARG : Any Ratio (Gear Ratio) Gearbox,
6.  COG : Choice Of Gears (Spur/Helical/Shaved/Grinded),
7.  COB : Choice Of Body (FE Cast Iron/Aluminum/MS Annealed/Hybrid),
8.  IPC : Inside Pneumatic Cylinder,
9.  OSS : Outside Shifter (Locking) Screw,
10. CCG : Completely Customized Gearbox,
11. 6DH : 6 Bearing Double Housing Full Forged Driveline,
12. 4TS : 4 Bearing Triple Support Full Forged Driveline,
13. FOL : Forced Oil Lubrication,
14. EOC : External Oil Cooling,
15. IOF : Internal Oil Filter.

1. FVG : Full View Gearbox. A Big and wide side cover is designed and placed one a side of our gearboxes which can be removed and the entire gearbox can be viewed & inspected internally. All functions of the Transmission Gearboxes can be observed & preformed in Real Time with the side cover open. You don't have to dismantle the Gearbox from the chassis to conduct minor repairs or preform preventive maintenance.

2. ILC : In-Line Cooling Coil. Other PTO Gearbox Drives available in the market had both the water (liquid coolant) cooling coil connectors towards the rear (Differential side). After taking numerous inputs from customers, we designed the ILC. Input from the water tank if fed to our gearbox from the rear side and the output is delivered through the Input (Engine) side so that the connecting pipe can be directly connected to the heat exchanger placed near the chassis front main engine. This way, bending of pipes is avoided and accessibility to the entire water or coolant system is easy and systematic.

3. ILS : In-Line Mechanical & Pneumatic Shifting. Our Gearboxes have a SINGLE (some models have two separate shifters which have to be properly aliened) mechanical shifting on the front side (Engine) and In-Line to it on the output side we have our pneumatic air cylinder. The single straight In-Line assembly ensures smooth shifting operations and also avoids shifter jamming when both mechanical and pneumatic systems are operating simultaneously.

4. MAO : Multi Auxiliary PTO Outputs. Depending upon a specific customer requirement, we can design and provide multiple Auxiliary PTO outputs from a single driveline split shaft power take off gearbox. All Auxiliary PTO outputs can be operated simultaneously or independently. Most standard configurations are front engine driver side, front engine conductor side, rear differential driver side and rear differential conductor side (with respect to a right hand drive truck chassis).

5. ARG : Any Ratio Gearbox. Like we mentioned, our models are completely customizable. Apart from the standard Gear Ratios and Transmission Gearboxes for a particular product displayed in the showcase of our website, we can Design and offer other gear ratios as per specific customer's requirements.

6. COG : Choice Of Gears. To meet up with the competitive pricing we offer our clients, they can choose a selection that suits them better. We Offer Spur Shaved, Spur Grinded, Helical Grinded, Double Helical Grinded (Under Development, we have designed a model with double helical gears but it has not been manufactured and tested yet, though we are quite confident we may not address a problem or failure as we on a regular basis do take out new concepts and models which preform flawlessly during real time trial runs).

7. COB : Choice Of Bodies (Main Gearbox Body Housing). MS-Annealed, Graded FE Casting, Aluminum Alloy or Hybrid Series. FE Casting has thrice the strength compared to an Aluminum Alloy Body but the weight of an FE Casting body housing is 3 times the weight of the Aluminum Alloy body and also the heat dissipating capabilities of Aluminum is again 3 times higher than FE Cast. So we introduced the Hybrid Series Models in which the main central body is made up of FE Casting and the big and wide side cover is made up of aluminum (also painted with aluminum paint for max. heat dissipation). This way both the strength and heat dissipation qualities of the gearboxes are not compromised. MSA (Mild Steel Annealed) Plates and Rounds are properly machined first & normalized and then MIG WELDED into a single body which is then taken for Annealing treatment in a furnace where all the internal stress in the body (developed during welding) are normalized which in turn reduces breakage (or cracking) of the body during heavy duty working conditions.

8. IPS : Inside Pneumatic Cylinder. Our Pneumatically operated Gearboxes have single or multiple Pneumatic Cylinders that create shifting (motion) through compressed air stored in the Air Tank of a truck chassis. These cylinders are placed on the main housing of the gearbox (external pneumatic cylinders) and the body of the cylinders are prone to physical damage or misalignment during transit. Hence, we developed the INSIDE Pneumatic Cylinder in which the body of the cylinder is inside the main housing (Gearbox Body) which eliminated any chances of damage or misalignment of the pneumatic cylinder.

9. OSS : Outside Shifter (Locking) Screw. To lock the shifter shaft into a particular position, we provide a Ball & Spring Assembly that locks the shifter shaft when the ball (pressured by a spring) is placed (or pushed) on the circular groove of the shifter shaft. The tension of the spring is controlled by a screw which can be accordingly adjusted (tight or lose) so that the ball puts only required pressure on the shifter shaft to enable both locking as well as shifting. This screw is placed on the outside frame of the main Gearbox Body (Main Housing). Over a period of time, if the spring loses its tension and shifter slippage is witnessed, this screw can be manually adjusted WITHOUT removing the Gearbox from chassis. Only the big and wide side cover has to be removed to adjust the screw or change the entire ball & spring assembly.

10. CCG : Completely Customized Gearbox. Depending on the specific customer requirement, we can tailor design our Gearboxes. Over the years we have taken out numerous models that were freshly designed to suit specific customer's need.

11. 6DH : 6 Bearing Double Housing Full Forged Drive Line. We were the first to introduce this concept in the market. Usually a Double Bearing Single Housing (Cover) is present at the Input side (Input Shaft) of a Split Shaft Power Take Off Gearbox Drive and a single Bearing at the output side. We started to place another double bearing housing on the output side (Output Shaft) of out gearboxes. The complete Drive assembly line has 6 Bearings instead of 5 in the Single Housing Design. Other models available in the market have the Output Shaft made out of rolled alloy material but our output shaft is forged alloy steel material, hence we call it the Full Forged Drive Line with 6 Bearings and Double Bearing Housings which can take the load of radial and axial vibrations caused by both the input and output propeller shafts.

12. 4TS : 4 Bearing Triple Support Drive Line. Our 6DH (6 Bearing Dual Housing) and the 5SH (5 Bearing Single Housing) Drive Line designs have dual supports form the main gearbox body (housing), one on the input shaft main bearing and other on the output shaft bearing. This design is robust but increases the overall length (input coupling to output coupling) of the driveline due to 5 or 6 Bearings. 4TS driveline design has 4 bearings and TRIPLE SUPPORT. 4TS has a Ball Bearing placed in the CENTER of the driveline which is supported by a bore in the plate that protrudes from the center of the main gearbox body (housing). So the 4TS driveline is triple supported by the main gearbox body (housing) from the input, output and the center. This reduces the overall length (input coupling to output coupling) of the driveline and reduces the weight of the gearbox as input and output bearing housings are replaced by slim bearing covers.

13. FOL : Forced Oil Lubrication. Specially designed for our vertical models, forced oil lubrication is used to lubricate top bearings. Depending upon specific model, we may provide a 6 LPM oil pump on one of the closed covers or use a separate 24V DC 180 Amps motor to drive the oil pump. Both splash oil lubrication and forced oil lubrication ensures the oil is maneuvered to every moving part in the gearbox drive.

14. EOC : External Oil Cooling. A separate external oil cooler (radiator) is accompanied along with our complete gearbox assembly to keep the operational oil temperature within limits. Depending upon a specific model where the quantity of oil to be cooled is more, we provide a forced air blast oil cooler which has a 24V DC fan coupled with the oil cooler. For regular & light duty applications, we provide a simple oil cooler radiator with no fan.

15. IOF : Internal Oil Filter. Some of our models have internal oil filter which ensures safety of the oil filter during operation and transit. External oil filters are more prone to physical damage than internal oil filters.